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Buried Lies

Reviewed by Gary Shulze
From Once Upon a Crime Bookstore
Writing for CrimeSpree Magazine

Anyone involved in book collecting is well aware of the importance of dust jackets, which is why I was drawn to "Buried Lies". The plot centers on an incredibly rare and privately printed book that contains clues to a treasure of some sort. The dust jacket - and it seems that only 2 copies are extant - is key to solving the puzzle. But never in my imagination did I expect to come across a line like this: "In the house!" someone yelled. "If you want to live, give us the dust jacket. You got two minutes! Then we torch the place!"

Now I know that book collecting can turn into a "contact" sport (ever been to a library sale?) but this seems a bit extreme. The speaker, or in this case, the yeller, is apparently oblivious to the fact that "torching the place" would reduce the number of surviving copies to "one," but he's kind of drunk, and not thinking straight. But the book remains intact, and the body count continues to rise. Speaking of dust jackets, Buried Lies sports some outstanding artwork by Mark Evans, who also did the jackets for Peter's two previous books from North Star Press: Blue Spring and French Creek. They are all beautiful editions and fun reads, worthy of any collection.

~Gary, for Crimespree Magazine.


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